Consulting Services

What do you mean by "consulting"?

As you can see by our name Japan Communication Consultants LLC is more than just another translation agency, we are also a full-service communications consultancy. When we say that we do consulting we are telling you that we can help you with advisement, strategic planning, coordination, research, writing and editing , as a communication liaison, and many other services, for any project where Japanese linguistic and cultural expertise is critical.

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What sorts of projects have you done?

In 1999 JCC was instrumental in writing and editing the Zagat Survey's guide to Tokyo Restaurants. JCC negotiated with Zagat's Japanese editorial partners, organized and coordinated editorial teams, collated, edited, and rewrote reviews, and acted as a liaison between Zagat's management and editorial staff here in NYC and their editorial partner Chintai in Japan. The Japanese language version of this book was published last summer, and JCC is currently involved in preparing an English version for publication later this year. Also during the past year, JCC coordinated a U.S. consulting firm's effort to gather information on Japanese automobile companies' operations and management personnel in China, for potential marketing of their consulting services.

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What can you do for us?

We are likely to be able to be of great aid in any matter having to do with Japan, the Japanese language, Japanese business, or Japanese culture. I (JCC President Mariko Numaguchi O'Hare) have lived and worked in both Japan and the U.S., have earned an MBA from Stanford University, and have worked for several years as a management consultant. I feel that I, and our network of similarly experienced people, place JCC in a unique position to help you with any project relating to Japan. Give us a call and we'll discuss your needs.

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How are your rates for these services structured?

Rates for our consulting services are charged generally on an hourly basis. After we discuss your project and feel we have a very firm idea of what you're trying to do, and what services you'll need, we will submit a detailed realistic estimate of what we believe your cost is likely to be, and exactly the hourly rate that cost is based on.

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