Employment and Other Services

What are some of the other services JCC can provide?

Back when JCC began as Japan Editorial Track in 1980, one of our primary businesses was publishing internal newsletters for our clients, catching their employees up on developments in the U.S., both in their industry,and in general. We still provide this service for several of our clients, and have for many years. We can also put together brochures and marketing materials, handle Japanese typesetting, printing, and desktop publishing, or help you to find and interact with Japanese publications, and to write copy for advertising in them. We can also rent you interpreting equipment for conferences, trade shows, and meetings.

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What sort of people is JCC looking for?

We are always interested in finding people who are fully bilingual in Japanese and English -- particularly those who already have some significant experience in language work. If you think you have what it takes to be a Japanese interpreter and/or translator -- the ability to work under pressure and under deadlines, to take constructive criticism, to handle simple technology, to do research and constantly improve your language skills, to interact well with clients, and confidence in your language abilities -- then please e-mail us with your qualifications. U.S. residents must be legally allowed to work in the U.S. We are especially interested in those will be able to handle business, finance, law, and technology projects. Remember, JCC is only looking for people whose skills include Japanese language abilities!!

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Is JCC looking for full-time or part-time employees?

No, we only hire people on an "as needed" free-lance or temporary contractor basis. Those who meet our criteria in terms of ability and experience are placed on our list of potential contractors, usually following an interview and testing. If we then have an assignment that meets your skills and, in the case of interpreters, your location, we'll call you to see if you're available.

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What should I do to apply to be on JCC list of language contractors?

Please e-mail us your resume with a short note detailing your qualifications, and perhaps a brief translation sample. If you meet out current criteria and needs, we'll call you.

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