Japanese language sites are seen as unintelligible code by most users with non-Japanese-capable browsers. This is because Japanese is rendered in double-byte characters that single-byte character Western language operating systems can't recognize.

As an example, this is how our Japanese language site looks in your browser. It's not very pretty, is it? At JCC we have the knowledge and the technology to work and create for you in this double-byte environment.

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言葉や文化の境目がカギとなる大切な国際プロジェクト ― 報告書、契約書、ウェブ・サイト、会議、商談、デポジション等 ― の成功には欠かせない、最適な通訳者・翻訳者をお探しなら、その道専門のJCCにご相談ください。


日本語・英語間の言葉と文化のコミュニケーション・ギャップを埋めるなら、JCCにご相談ください。通訳・翻訳はもちろん、色々な課題にクリエイティブな対応をお約束します。お問い合わせは、真理子・オヘアまで日本語でどうぞ。(Tel: 212-759-2033, Fax: 212-759-2149, e-mail: jcc@japancc.com

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