At Japan Communication Consultants we know that translation is really much more than changing words from one language into another. The meaning of the words, the flow of the language, the structure, and feeling of what's there on the page must be translated as well. All of our translators are experienced and committed language professionals, who have translated material in a wide range of fields, and our project managers have the knowledge to assess which of our skilled translators are best suited to the particular needs of your project. Everybody has seen the results of clumsy, overly literal, or just plain bad translation work, it can be frustrating to read, extremely difficult to understand, and is sure to reflect badly on those whose name is on it. At JCC we work hard to make sure this doesn't happen to our clients. We emphasize professionalism, experience, and accuracy in our translation work, in order to provide you with the highest possible level of quality.

How to arrange your translation project with JCC:

Arranging your translation with JCC is really very easy, and price estimates are always free. Just send us the documents that need to be translated, either as an e-mail attachment (MS Word preferred) to or fax them to us (fine mode preferred, particularly for documents in Japanese), under your cover, at (212) 759-2149. If the documents are too lengthy or numerous to send in complete form, just send us a representative sample (4-5 pages will do), and tell us the overall number of pages involved. We will then examine your documents, assess the type and level of language involved, count the number of words or characters, and contact you with our estimate of the cost to translate them and how long it will take. We must be able to see at least some of the document itself before we can give you either an estimate or a completion date. In this way we can give you the most realistic estimate possible, and nearly all of our projects come in at, or somewhat below, their estimated cost. If you have deadline requirements or any special requests as to how you want your documents handled please let us know at the time you send them to us for our estimate. If we have any further questions we will contact you at this point to ask them. If you have any questions about arranging your translation, or for very large projects, please give us a call at (212) 759-2033.

After we make our estimate we will fax you our translation order form detailing the project, and containing our realistic estimate of the price, and the completion deadline. If you wish us to go ahead with the translation just sign this order form and fax it back to us. JCC will then comprehensively manage your translation project: choosing the translators, keeping our deadlines, assembling and coordinating teams for large jobs, making glossaries if necessary to ensure consistency in word usage and style, editing, proofreading, and packaging the deliverables to meet your requirements. Soon after the completion of your project we will send you an invoice stating what we have done, and what your final cost is. You may pay us by check, money order, or bank transfer.

Our rate structure:

As is standard in the translation industry, JCC prices translations by the number of words in a document (or the number of Japanese characters). Our per word or per character rate, however, varies depending on the complexity of the language involved, which is one reason why we ask to see your document before we give you an estimate. This prevents unpleasant surprises for us, and for you. Our rates are very reasonable for Japanese translation, but the quality of work that we provide is actually higher than that from many larger firms who charge quite a bit more. This is because we specialize in only two languages, which gives us the capability to comprehensively manage the quality of your project while keeping our costs down.

For a free estimate, send your file as an attachment to us at, or fax it to us at (212) 759-2149, and we will contact you, usually in no more than an hour or two if sent to us during business hours EST.

For more information on JCC's translation work, and how we can serve you or your company, please see the Translation section of our Frequently Asked Questions page, or call us at (212) 759-2033.

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