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Let Japan Communication Consultants enhance your web presence, by expanding it into the language spoken and read in the world's second most affluent country. JCC can translate your current web copy into Japanese, rewritten to proper culturally-sensitive commercial standards, enabling you to reach a new audience of millions of potential new customers. Internet usage is growing by leaps and bounds in Japan, and is already as high as anywhere outside of the U.S. So, it's easy to see why a Japanese website could be of great benefit to your company.

The Japanese language poses special problems not faced by web developers in other languages. First of all, Japanese fonts are double-byte characters, and cannot be reliably viewed or written in most non-Japanese language systems. Then there are the problems caused by the vast differences in tone, structure, and politeness between English and Japanese commercial languages. We see so many sites out there that have obviously been quickly, clumsily, and non-professionally translated, which makes those companies look both cheap, and culturally insensitive. Believe us, this is not the impression you want to convey to your potential Japanese customers. Translating your website into proper Japanese is not something that should be taken lightly, and definitely not something to be left to someone who is not a Japanese language professional.

What we can do for you:

At JCC we have 20 years of experience in translating all types of English language content into Japanese, and we have the technical and linguistic resources to give you a Japanese website that will look great, read well, function properly, and get your company noticed. We have many packages available, from a simple translation of some of your present web content, to those that include building an all-new Japanese site of your design, writing new copy, translating graphics, registration in Japanese search engines, the flexibility to make changes after your site has been posted, and even site hosting. The price for your Japanese website depends upon the size and complexity of the content on your site, and which package you choose, but it really isn't expensive at all when you consider that that a Japanese language website will allow you to reach millions of the world's most affluent people in the language they understand.

For a free estimate of what it will cost to translate your website content into good, well-written Japanese, please e-mail the HTML files you'd like to translate to us at:, and we'll get our estimate out to you as quickly as possible. For larger sites, just give us your URL or e-mail us several representative sample pages, and tell us how many total pages you want to have translated, and we'll estimate it from there. To discuss building a Japanese website, or any website translation and localization needs, just give us a call at: (212) 759-2033.

For more information on JCC's website localization services, and how we can enhance your company's web presence, please see the Website section of our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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