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Japan Communication Consultants is not just a language services company, but we're also, as our name indicates, a full-service consulting firm specializing in Japanese business and communication concerns. JCC has the ability and the experience to assist you, give you the proper advice, and to work with your people, in doing business in a Japanese cultural and linguistic setting. Our President, Mariko Numaguchi O'Hare, received her MBA from Stanford University, and has had many years of high level management consulting experience in a bilingual environment.

In short, JCC can help you to do business in Japanese. We have access to a network of individuals in many different fields and positions who work in the Japanese language, and in the Japanese business and cultural setting, every day. These people have the knowledge, in everything from writing and editing good copy to developing and implementing business strategies, to make your cross-cultural work a success. So, if you need planning, coordination, or research help, a communication liaison, or just plain good solid advice from experienced people, please talk to us -- if your needs have to do with Japan or the Japanese language, chances are that we can be of help to you.

Just let us know what sort of help you think you may need, or just what your project consists of, and we'll talk it over with you, and see if we can work with you to solve your problems. Then we'll give you an up-front estimate of what we honestly think it will cost. Just give the Japanese experts at JCC a call, we can be reached at (212) 759-2033.

For more information on JCC's consulting services, and a few of our past projects, please see the Consulting section of our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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